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The best cryptocurrency hardware wallet for 2020


All electronic payments and currencies do not inspire confidence in the modern world. Therefore, developers are no less concerned about how to guarantee users its security. Undoubtedly, at present, a trustworthy solution to ensure the safety of your electronic coins is to use a hardware wallet that provides access to it through keys (passwords).

What is a Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet: general information?


A cryptocurrency wallet hardware is a kind of cryptocurrency key bank, which is created for its secure storage. A hardware wallet is a hard drive that, like any gadget, connects to equipment (a laptop or smartphone) via a USB cable. Keys are stored offline.

The hardware wallet protection system is strong enough, which saves you from unwanted implementation. The first level of protection is PIN protection. If this seems to you to be an insufficient precaution, you can enable viewing of the screen with information about the transactions. Moreover, you can connect two-factor authentication with transaction confirmation on your smartphone.

The protection system is built in such a way that over the entire existence of the cryptocurrency market, there has not been even one case of bitcoins' loss or theft of keys. Have you ever opened cards in the bank? If the answer is affirmative, what is most likely, then you know that you are asked to come up with a word or phrase for further password recovery. What is more, the hardware wallet has a similar security system. Therefore, you can quickly recover lost bitcoins or minimize damage to your hardware wallet.

A hardware wallet consists of two parts: creating transactions and signing them. Creating sales, that is, the first part of the purse occurs when you connect to the Internet from a smartphone or computer. The signing of the purchase is possible only after the certification by you, confirmation by the private key of the transaction. 

Why use a hardware wallet for the data and bitcoins?


What are the main advantages of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet over an online moneybag, for example? Let's say that if you are concerned about the safety of your bitcoins, if you want not to lose them, then you will choose a hardware wallet.

What are the main risks of web wallets? Of course, hacking and virus software. The developers of hardware wallets came up with a solution - to provide users with offline access. It means that even if something happens to your PC, it is broken or stolen, all your cryptocurrency will be safe. In the case of two-factor authentication, it is impossible to have access to cryptocurrency.

A hardware wallet is a physical wallet that, just like any wallet, can be lost. In such cases, the phrase to restore access is used. As you can see, nothing will stop you from getting to your virtual money, neither a broken computer nor a lost hardware wallet. Every action has a solution.

The cryptocurrency market develops. Subsequently, it is not difficult to assume that the number of hackers, cybercriminals who want to find access to other people's money, is also growing. Today's solution is a hardware wallet — a justified secure solution to ensure the safety of your data and bitcoins.

How to choose a hardware wallet among all the diversity?


This article will be read by those who have determined for themselves that the hard wallet is the solution they were looking for. After that, many hardware wallets are offered. Each of them offers unique features. How can you choose one in such a variety? We have prepared for you a selection of factors that are crucial to consider when choosing a hardware wallet:

  • Safety level

How reliable are the security measures for this wallet? Do developers offer multi-factor authentication? Is manual transaction tracking possible? Check users' reviews. Have there been negative reviews regarding hardware wallet security breaches?

  • User-friendly program

The entire installation system must be transparent so that even the most inexperienced Internet user understands how to use a hardware wallet. Ease of use must not compete with the level of protection. For a user, managing a hardware wallet should be uncomplicated, but not for a hacker.

  • Compatible currencies

Not all wallets will allow you to use any cryptocurrency. Be especially careful to read the text in small print. The whole truth is usually written there.

  • Compatible operating systems

Not all wallets are unique and fit any operating system. The most common operating systems, such as Windows or iOS, are most likely supported. But if you use Linux or an off-standard operating system, be familiar with a supported operating system.

  • A backup copy and renewing an access

Virtual coins have a risk of loss. Familiarize yourself with the access recovery process, possible backups of the hardware wallet. It would help if you were insured against damages. This item echoes the one already mentioned above, which relates to the level of security.

  • Cost

This type of wallet is not free. Accordingly, you must understand how much you pay and for what. Compare among themselves the best hardware wallet, in your opinion, based on the most critical factors for you. The customer must undoubtedly take into account the exchange rate and the country of the provider. Besides, he should consider the cost of delivery of its products. As with any other purchase, achieve the most effective price/quality ratio.

  • Mobility

Imagine if you had to use a hardware wallet daily, carry it with you. Rate the convenience for you. We are not aware of your field of activity or needs, but consider the worst-case scenario when you often have to take this device with you. Rate the appropriate options.

  • Third-Party Reviews

There is no perfect product. Everyone has their flaws, and this is normal. Choose for yourself the most critical factors in evaluating and viewing the reviews of experienced users. Often, such independent evaluations provide an opportunity to get better acquainted with the product, evaluate its pros and cons. One negative review may be subjective, but when there are dozens of them, I think this product should not be used.

Such an analysis of your sample will give you a complete picture of the product. Moreover, starting from the priority of factors for evaluation, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

The best Hardware Wallets for managing your cryptocurrency

Review about Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet


Ledger is a reasonably young company (at the time of writing, she was five years old), while it has already reached top positions in the cryptocurrency market, as a company guaranteeing security. The geography of company users is vast (165 countries). It justifies the presence of a team of 130 workers and three headquarters: in Paris, Vierzon, and San Francisco.

The target audience of the company is private individuals and legal entities. The main profile of the company is the development of cryptocurrency asset protection measures.

The company's most popular product is the hardware wallets Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Blue.

Among the main characteristics of the Ledger Nano S should be noted:

  • miniature and compact (looks like a USB flash drive; fits in any pocket);

  • easy to install and configure;

  • metal case (which undoubtedly extends its service life compared to competitors).

The first level of protection for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is to create a PIN code when it is connected to a computer. A PIN is required as a measure of protection against the unwanted entrance. The second level of security is the password recovery phrase, which consists of 24 words. It is your access to your online money even if you lose the best crypto hardware wallet, so create the most reliable phrase and write it in a safe place (not on the computer).

The Nano S Ledger interface is not overloaded with buttons. There are only two buttons on the control panel. The initial setup of the device takes a couple of minutes.

Ledger Nano S is suitable for more than 1000 types of cryptocurrency. Ledger Live's software interface provides the ability to send and receive coins. Most commonly used coins for transactions:

  • Bitcoins (BTС, BCH, BTG)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Monero (XMR)

In the process of use, you may feel the need to install additional software for coin transactions, considering the coins that you use (for example, Monero).

Review about Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet


As any application has additions over time, so does Ledger Nano. An updated version is considered to be Ledger Nano X.

What's new?

- Bluetooth connection (all competitors use USB cable);

- extended coin capacity.

Perhaps that's all. For lovers of the previous version, Ledger Nano S, the release of the updated version was a bit of a long-awaited vacation. But the reality is a little upset.

The introduction of Bluetooth connectivity has created technical barriers for usage. The competitive advantages of the previous version were a simple and intuitive interface, which can not be said about the updated version. The product is positioned as innovative, but have you seen at least one phone model that does not have a battery indicator? I don't, either, so I think it's essential to implement this handy feature by developers of hardware wallets.

The cost of Nano X is twice the cost of the previous version (119 US dollars against 59 US dollars). Are you ready to overpay for a Bluetooth connection and an expanded coin capacity? Who will benefit from this? Those who are used to managing their cryptocurrencies through a smartphone. If you mainly manage them through a computer, then you can limit yourself to the version of Nano S.

How to manage a crypto hardware wallet:

  • Left button - navigation up;

  • Right button - down navigation;

  • Left and right buttons at the same time - action selection.

According to reviews, Ledger Nano X is the most trustworthy physical bitcoin wallet.

Review about Ledger Blue Hardware Wallet


Ledger Blue is one of the Ledger hardware wallet lines. Ledger has established itself in the market as a reliable cryptocurrency repository.

Similarly to Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue is connected via a USB cable.

Ledger Blue supports several types of digital currencies:

  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet
  • Ether
  • Litecoin (LTC) and several others.

By functions and levels of protection, Ledger Blue is quite reliable. It offers multi-factor authentication, which guarantees users the reliability of access and Cryptocurrency cold storage.

When ordering a Ledger Blue kit, you get the USB cable for data synchronization, operating instructions, the hardware wallet itself, and the recovery sheet.

Ledger Blue is the most expensive hardware wallet among the entire Ledger wallet line. The price for the Ledger Blue hardware wallet is two times higher than the cost of the Ledger Nano X and four times higher than the Ledger Nano S.

It differs from the Ledger Nano X and Nano S by touch screen. If in the previous version control was carried out through two buttons, then in this version, a touch screen is already offered. According to other indicators, this version of the hardware wallet does practically not differ from its analogs of the same line.

Among the shortcomings, the most noticeable is the high price tag. But here you understand what you are paying for.

Overview of the Trezor platform


Trezor (implying 'safe' in the Czech language) appeared to be an initial firm to brainstorm the concept of a hardware wallet crypto. Besides, the primary benefit Trezor possesses above its rivalry seems to be the firm's fame. Needless to say that a single of its inventors produced the first mining area for digital currency (established in 2010). Nevertheless, there is a single disturbing truth regarding Trezor purses - once the customer updates his wallets microcode, it often removes the entire portfolio. In case one is solely commencing with cryptocurrency, that might undoubtedly cause him to go mad. Since the user owns his backup slogan, he might solely restart the wallet, though that seems undoubtedly somewhat to be conscious of.

Advantages of using the Trezor platform: An expert on the marketplace, excellent agency fame, more than one thousand cryptocurrency possessions upheld. 

Disadvantages of exploiting Trezor: Often restarts while updating, XRP can not be approved.

The summary on the KeepKey hardware wallet 


In the third position, we hold this hardware wallet, as well as a Bitcoin cold storage alongside an appealing though slightly great arrangement. What is more, the portfolio possesses comparable options to the previous hardware purse, as well as Ledger Nano S. Nonetheless, for some grounds, we assume it somewhat lesser appealing compared to a couple of previous ones. 

For beginners, this hardware purse appears to be large enough for shipping inside the pocket comfortably. The extent of this hardware wallet seems nearly two times that of the Trezor and Ledger Nano S. Extra items, which cause experts to doubt concerning purchasing the commodity are - they have applied to the customers' assistance more than once, though have not still obtained any answer. 

Several unfavorable critiques on Amazon about the outcome, as well as the firm's assistance:

The hardware purse upholds a restricted quantity of cryptocurrency possessions in contrast to the rivalry. Eventually, the firm was obtained through the barter Shapeshift and thereby consolidated the in-purse switch, which permits users to exchange a single cryptocurrency for a different one with no exploiting an outside shift. Also, the best cryptocurrency hardware wallet trades for eighty dollars at present.

Advantages of KeepKey: Attractively projected, in-purse barter with the help of Shapeshift

Disadvantages of exploiting KeepKey: Not sufficient money balance upheld.


Which hardware wallet appears to be more reliable – TREZOR or Ledger?


The same as Ledger, Trezor purses have confirmed to appear secure and user-friendly resolution for collecting the digital currency. As Ledger set about, the company did not appear to provide a sufficiently excellent commodity as Trezor did. Nevertheless, nowadays, the border among the agencies has quite significantly faded, as well as they both seem relatively worthwhile. Even though, to stay on the protected side, the professionals utilize more than a single hardware purse, as well as attempt to ensure to exploit patterns from two firms.

What is a cold storage wallet?


Such type of purses appear to be the cryptocurrency wallets which are not attached to the World Wide Web, and thereby, they seem secure from various endeavors of hackers. What is more, paper folders turn out to be a model of the best cold storage wallet. The concept is that in case one wishes to deposit, as well as keeps his cryptos cautiously, then he might utilize a cold wallet to maintain them protected.

What is the concept of a hot hardware wallet?


Hot wallets are the cryptocurrency purses which appear to be strongly related to the World Wide Web. Whereas it seems straightforward to negotiate when utilizing those moneybags, they turn out to be exposed to being cracked. Trade purses, smartphone folders, as well as computer pocketbooks, appear to be the samples of hot wallets.

At which place can I buy my cryptocurrency hardware wallet?


It appears to be the most critical and often inquired issue as far as the hardware wallets are concerned besides the question, “What is a hardware wallet?” One must nevermore buy a digital currency wallet from someone who does not look the primary inventor of the gadget. Although in case it comes from anyone the customer relies on, it does not deserve that when saving huge sums. What is the reason? There are some instances of humans buying cryptocurrency purses on eBay and Amazon. Also, those humans keep a few cryptos upon the folder and engage in their workday. Eventually, they attend to verify the moneybag, but any of their digital currency turns out to be withdrawn. The non-member retailer succeeded in obtaining entrance to the folder, as well as expected for a customer to complete it with the digital currency. When the hardware purse possesses a profit, the dealer transferred all supplies to a distinct place that they manage. It appears to be destructive, as well as damaging fraud, which might be quickly escaped by solely buying hardware moneybags from the real creators. What is more, after buying the purse from any reliable merchant, it is critical to verify whether the inviolable layer appears to be on the gadget.

What is the most cost-effective hardware wallet for 2020?


Indeed, that does not appear to be an excellent inquiry. Any cryptocurrency wallet is nearly one hundred dollars per each. As it was mentioned before, any volume of protection is not sufficient as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. What is the reason to hazard not possessing quality defense for one hundred dollars and not knowing how to store cryptocurrency offline? The sum one intends to store should undoubtedly appear to be more than one hundred dollars. 

For this reason, that must not turn out a determinant within the cryptocurrency purse buying procedure. What is more, the customer should pick a wallet grounded upon its options, as well as safety, though not the cost. Nevertheless, to reply to the inquiry, professionals tend to believe that the most low-cost moneybags will be ColdCard, OpenDimes, and Digital Bitbox.



It does not become somewhat more manageable compared to such a title. Undoubtedly, hardware purses require currency, as well as anyone, does not favor donating cash on items they might obtain at no cost. Nevertheless, the quantity of protection one gets by utilizing a cryptocurrency moneybag seems significantly more expensive than fifty to one hundred dollars, which the customer shall spend for buying a real gadget. Needless to say that each of the best five hardware wallets appears to be an excellent selection, though the experts prefer the Trezor One, as well as the Ledger Nano S. 

What is more, the user should ensure to continually purchase the moneybag straight from the firm as well as from a commissioned merchant. There have been multiple instances of scams stated by humans who purchased cryptocurrency moneybags through eBay, or seldom Amazon.

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